Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page should be used as an introduction to the SFPGA Junior Tour for both Players and Parents. It contains brief summaries of information that might be helpful as you’re getting started. However, for full details, we HIGHLY recommend you read through and are familiar with the SFPGA Jr. Tours Policies and Procedures.

  1. Membership & Registration

  2. At an Event

  3. As the Season Progresses

  4. Miscellaneous

  1. Membership & Registration


      • Should my child participate in Junior Tour or Team Golf?Team Golf is for junior golfers ages 6-14 with beginning level golf experience and offers an introduction to tournament play through 9-hole team scramble and stroke play competition. Team Golf serves as a fun, social, less stressful approach to tournament golf, and provides junior golfers with knowledge and skills that set the stage for a lifetime of golf enjoyment.The South Florida PGA Junior Tours provide a competitive, yet fun tournament atmosphere, encompassing an eleven month season of golf played on some of South Florida’s best golf courses.  The South Florida PGA Junior Tours are South Florida’s premiere tours for junior golfers.


      • Which tour is best for my junior: Prep, Challenge or Championship?All new participants to the SFPGA Junior Tour will be required to participate in the Prep or Challenge Tour. From there, multiple avenues for advancement are available (winning an event, qualifying for Jr. PGA Championship, scoring average and seasonal checkpoints). Only on very rare occasion is a Junior granted status on the Challenge tour immediately, and if so, that status will typically be conditional in nature.


      • What are the eligibility requirements of each tour?Prep Tour- The purpose of the Junior Prep Tour is to bridge the gap for kids that have advanced through the 9 hole Team Golf format but are not ready for the next step in competitive golf. The Junior Prep Tour features competitive 18-hole events for golfers ages 9-18 who are looking to gain tournament experience. Challenge Tour – Players must have previous tournament experience to be eligible for the Challenge Tour. All new SFPGA Foundation members must play on the Challenge Tour prior to competing on the Championship Tour. Open to boys and girls ages 11-18.Championship Tour – Eligibility is based on scoring average and Player of the Year points from 2014. Exempt and conditional status will be awarded.  Open to boys and girls ages 13-18. Players who have played previous to 2014 and did not compete in 2014 will be subject to approval based on committee discretion.


      • How do we register for membership?Membership of the South Florida PGA Foundation is a prerequisite for all tours, and provides access to each tour based on eligibility requirements. You may use the same account (username and password) year to year. To login or create a new account, please visit
        For new members, please complete the requested resume including recent tournament scores, relevant playing experience and PGA instructor. All of our applications are reviewed by our Junior Golf committee prior to approval (within five days of submission) and until such time your application will be pending (unable to register for an event). Please keep in mind, that prior to registering for an open event, you must first go through the membership application process outlined above and the Junior will be required to complete the online rules quiz.


      • How do we register for individual tournaments?Tournament registration can be completed by logging into your account here: registration will be activated for each of the tournaments at 10:00 AM approximately 6 weeks prior to each event start date for members of the Championship Tour with exempt status and for all Challenge Tour events and will remain open until 5 days prior to the event. An email will be sent to all members prior to each event registration opening as a reminder. Players who hold conditional status on the Championship Tour may register at 10:00 AM 3 weeks prior to each event based on availability.


      • How much does each event cost?Prep Tour Tournament Entry Fee – $55.00 Championship Tour Tournament Entry Fee – $100.00Challenge Tour Tournament Entry Fee – $100.00


      • Are there any scholarships available?The Men’s Fun Group at Mirasol along with the South Florida PGA Foundation developed a scholarship fund to help provide South Florida PGA Junior Tour Members with grants to help pay for South Florida PGA Junior Tour tournament entry fees.  All information and guidelines, including the actual application can be found here:


      • When does registration open for each event?Six weeks prior to each event on each Tours. Those individuals holding conditional Championship status may register 3-weeks prior to a Championship Tour event if space is still available. Registration typically opens at 10:00AM unless communicated otherwise.


    • How does the the waitlist policy work?The waitlist policy is VERY straightforward. If the field for an event is full (typically 84 players), players may still register for the tournament. Upon the removal or cancellation of any active participant, the first player on the waitlist will be contacted by SFPGA via telephone to confirm entry. We want to reiterate, if you are next on the waitlist and space becomes available, we will absolutely call you via telephone.Once pairings have been posted for an event, the waitlist policy moves from first-come-first-serve overall, to first-come-first-serve by division of the player who withdrew.Lastly, players are always welcome to come the morning of an event to the tournament, and should we have a no-show or last minute withdraw, the player would be eligible to play. Please advise tournament staff upon your arrival.
  2. At an Event


      • When are pairings released?Starting times will be posted on the South Florida PGA website four days prior to the event. Players will be notified via email of any changes that might occur after the initial release of pairings and starting times. Any changes will be immediately updated on the South Florida PGA website.


      • Are practice rounds available?Practice rounds are offered to Tour members and are based on each individual club’s availability. Some clubs may offer play to parents, but this is not the standard and should not be expected. The South Florida PGA Junior Tour Code of Conduct is in effect during practice rounds. Should parents be allowed to play, they too must abide by the Tour Code of Conduct.


      • How early should we arrive?That is entirely up to you and how long it takes you to prepare and warm. Please consider that you should allow time for Registration (only on Round 1) and arriving at your assigned Tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time (Round 1 and 2)


      • Can we caddy for our juniors?No, caddying is not allowed. We understand that many of our Juniors are making the transition from US Kids or other Junior Golf programs where caddying was allowed. The SFPGA Jr. Tour is widely viewed as the transition for many juniors to college golf. If it’s a matter of physical stamina, we highly recommend push carts.


      • What’s your spectator policy?Since we are encouraging the kids to play on their own, we ask that spectators follow a few simple guidelines: No advice, stay at least 50 yards away, carts on cart paths only, may provide food/drink/clothing in between holes and may help with lost ball searches (to aid pace of play – however, no advice on how to proceed once the ball is found).This is just a summary of our carefully crafted Spectator Policy, which is recommended reading for all Spectators and can be found here.


      • What should we wear?While this is not a comprehensive list (Please view our Policies & Procedures for a full list), general guidelines include golf-style shirts and bottoms of an appropriate length.


      • Will be spectator carts be available for purchase?Spectator golf carts will be available at the discretion of the host facility. If spectator carts are permissible, they must remain on cart paths at all times. Cost of spectator carts are set by the host facility.Spectators are not permitted to give rides to competitors between holes. SFPGA Staff will provide shuttles if and when they are necessary. The only time a player will be shuttle by spectators will be in inclement weather in which we ask that you please help shuttle players back to the clubhouse.


      • Can we help search for lost balls?Yes, you may help with lost ball searches for any Junior. However, once the ball has been found no further communication or advice on how to proceed is allowed.


      • How can we aide with pace of playThe SFPGA employs a Pace of Policy which requires groups to be either (a) under their time par on scorecard and/or (b) within fifteen minutes of the group in front of them. These are checked at both Holes 9 and 18, where players are subject to a one stroke penalty should they be in breach of both (a) and (b). Should players either regain their time or position by their second checkpoint, the one stroke penalty will be removed.Spectators can aid our pace of play by watching from in front (do not lag behind the group), keeping all landing areas clear of obstruction for groups behind to play to, helping with lost ball searches and shuttling a player who may need to return and replay a previous shot.


      • Can we give advice or talk to the juniors?No, communication or advice on the golf course is not allowed during the round. This includes verbal and non-verbal cues alike.


    • I disagree with a ruling, what should I do?During a round, all on course rulings will be dealt with between the relevant player and his playing competitors and the accompanying rules official. Input from spectators will generally not be considered during a ruling. It is up to the players fellow competitors in the pairing to protect the rest of the field.Should you like to discuss an on-course ruling or situation, we ask that you speak with us after the days events are over. We will gladly take your feedback and work with you to understand the disagreement. However, from the time the day starts through scoring and awards, our PGA member volunteers and staff need to be focused on the Juniors. We ask for your understanding in this.
  3. As the Season Progresses


      • What do the juniors earn for their performance in an event?At all events, Juniors earn points for their performance. These points, which differ by division, contribute to both their respective “Player of the Year” standings, in addition to qualifying the top 60 from both Challenge & Championship Tours for the season ending “Tour Championship.”All SFPGA Jr Tour events, which successfully complete 36-holes of competition, are ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard.Additionally, those individuals who win Overall Titles at a Championship Event will receive various AJGA Performance Stars for entry into an AJGA event.


      • How can my child advance through the different tours?We ask that all new participants play in at least three Prep Tour events prior to consideration for either conditional or exempt status on the Challenge Tour. After three events, if the player’s performance is consistent with the caliber of play required to compete on the Challenge Tour, the committee reserves the right to grant the player fully exempt or conditional status on the Challenge Tour.While the full process for moving between tours is outlined in our Policies and Procedures, advancement is typically determined by an established scoring average, seasonal checkpoints and event victories.  The same process applies for players moving from the Challenge to Championship Tour.


      • How does the Junior PGA Championship differ from the ongoing Jr. Tours?The South Florida Junior PGA Championship is a marquee event outside of the Prep, Challenge and Championship Tours. Tour membership is not required for participation, however nearly all players must play through local qualifiers to earn their spot in the Junior PGA Championship. The Overall Boy and Girl winners of the event will receive an invite to play in the nationally sanctioned Jr. PGA Championship.For more information on the Jr. PGA Championship, please visit: Jr. PGA Championship.


      • How do you qualify for the Jr. PGA Championship?All players will need to qualify to attend the South Florida Junior PGA Championship. There will be three (3) qualifiers held throughout the section, and players will be required to participate in 1 of the 3 qualifiers. It is suggested that the players register for their nearest qualifying location.


    • How do you qualify for the season-ending Junior Tour Championship?The Tour Championship will require season long qualifying to participate. Qualifications will be determined based on Player of the Year Points earned throughout the year. The number of spots available for each age division will be decided based on the percent of total members of the Junior Tour in that division as of September 1. The Tour Championship will be a 60 player field of Championship Tour players, and a 60 player field of Challenge Tour players.For more information please visit: Jr. Tour Championship.
  4. Miscellaneous


      • What’s the Birdie Club?The Birdie Club is your easiest way to help support the SFPGA Foundation and continue to provide quality junior tour events at an affordable cost for everyone. Juniors receive pledges of support from friends and family for every birdie they make. For an application form and a current leaderboard, please visit: The Birdie Club.