Drive, Chip and Putt



The Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship is a youth golf development initiative for boys and girls ages 7-15. The Drive, Chip and Putt Championship began in 2013 and is supported by the USGA, Augusta National, and The PGA of America.

Girls and boys will compete against one another in three skill challenges: driving, chipping, and putting. Kids will be broken up based on the following age divisions: (7-9) (10-11) (12-13) (14-15). Participants will be grouped based on their age as of the championship final on Sunday, April 1, 2018. The Drive, Chip and Putt Championship is free for kids to compete in.

All 41 sections of The PGA of America will host qualifiers to determine who will participate in the 2018 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship. There are three levels of qualifiers: local, sub-regional and regional. The top 80 performers – 40 boys and 40 girls – will earn an invitation to the National Finals at Augusta National on Sunday, April 3, the eve of the 2016 Masters.


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